Property Management

Why consider a managed property ?
1- An increasing number of tenants insist on renting fully managed properties for complete peace of mind.
Renting a managed property has the benefit of a dedicated property manager to handle your day to day issues, a helpline with emergency contact details should a problem arise and the assurance that your property is fully compliant with all safety regulations.

2- DECARNE Real Estate property management involves various dealings with tenants such as finding and evicting tenants, as well as general day to day responsibilities.

3- DECARNE Real Estate as property manager has a primary responsibility to the landlord and a secondary responsibility to the tenant.
The relationship DECARNE Real Estate is crucial in forming the expectations of both parties to the lease, since both parties will seek and expect certain rights and benefits of it.

4- DECARNE Real Estate will respond to the owner's expectations by :
- Carrying out the owner’s instructions, controling costs and maximising revenue to maintain a stabilized cash flow as a return on capital invested.
- Exercicing control over the building to safeguard the capital invested.
- Informing the owner on fair housing laws and property management practices and procedures.
- Enhancing the value of the property by making improvments that will increase its market value, retain and enhance pride of ownership.

5- DECARNE Real Estate will respond to the tenant's expectations by :
- Ensuring the « quiet enjoyment » of the premises, an assurance that the premises will be able to be used and enjoyed for the intended purposes without interference.
- Providing confortable living environment that is properly heated, cooled and ventilated with as many amenities as possible in line with market expectatations.

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